A Third Group Will Lay In Wait For Twenty Or So Years Before Bulldozing The House Of The Guy Who Did This To Them

The phone call lasts just a few seconds. The words “congratulations, you’ve become a partner,” are just about all Lloyd Blankfein, the boss of Goldman Sachs, will have time to say to the 85 or so bank high-flyers he will ring next Wednesday to invite into one of the most prestigious and lucrative cliques on Wall Street…Those aspiring partners who pick up their phones next week and hear not Blankfein’s New York tones but, perhaps, the more familiar voice of their divisional boss on the end, will know their time has not come. Some will walk. But others, as Sherwood puts it, “will go back to their desk, and work hard” and try again in two years’ time. [Guardian, Earlier]

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17 Responses to “A Third Group Will Lay In Wait For Twenty Or So Years Before Bulldozing The House Of The Guy Who Did This To Them”

  1. Guest says:

    …and a fourth group will go into financial journalism.

  2. guest says:

    Please make that last tag come true.

    – guy who'll be up for partner in 6-7 yrs

    • Guest says:

      Another partner recalled his own experience: "The stall door flew open and he was basically between my legs before I knew what was happening. I was scared but when I saw him place his perfectly polished shoe on the TP dispenser next to me, I knew. I looked up with tears streaming down my face to see him nodding silently."

    • nki says:

      and if it doesnt work out you can always write a "tell all" that youll pre-sell to some dumb publisher for 7 figures, take 2 days to write and off to Belize or whatever.

  3. Guest says:

    Setting: Darien U-8 girls soccer on a Sunday afternoon. Goldman guy standing next to UBS guy, both shouting variations of "Get the ball!"
    <Phone Rings>
    Goldman Guy: Huh, it's the office. Hello? That's great news! Thanks so much, Lloyd! (Turns to other guy) I just made partner!
    <Phone Rings>
    UBS Guy: Huh, it's the office. Hello? Um, will you be shipping the contents of my desk?
    Fade to black…

  4. Very Little Effort says:

    UBS Guy: Wait, what, no, I don't want to be made an MD, please, I'm just under the level eligible for clawbacks right now, please don't fucking do this to me

  5. Quant me maybe says:

    Do you have tomaybes older bald white guy to join this club?