Dick Bové Needs Your Help

Rochdale Securities LLC, the 37-year- old brokerage that employs bank analyst Dick Bove, is seeking a capital injection after a trading error, said three people with knowledge of the firm’s situation. Executives at Rochdale are telling employees and potential investors that a trader at the firm made an unauthorized purchase of Apple shares, which has eroded the capital of closely held Rochdale, said one of the people, who declined to be identified because the overtures have been private. [Bloomberg]

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31 Responses to “Dick Bové Needs Your Help”

  1. No More Idiots says:

    This was mentioned in the DB comments section earlier this week.

    – A guest that scooped Bess

  2. guest says:

    Trading from you iPhone 5 before the software glitch is found. The NKI

  3. Kanye East says:

    Dick is looking for an Injection? Hot Beef or Capital?

  4. Fmr Ray James IBD says:

    Yea, well I'd like my youth back

  5. Quant me maybe says:

    That is one unhappy looking Dick.

  6. Guest says:

    Rochdale – the only firm ever to get blown up by being long Apple.

  7. D Trump says:

    I will donate money if Dick Bove agrees to run the NYC marathon dressed in a giraffe plushy outfit.

  8. Backdoor_Bess says:

    I have several movies called capital erection, would those help out with Dick?


  9. VonSloneker says:

    $3.44 million of capital?

    – Guy gathering the change in his couch to start a brokerage

  10. Dick Bovay says:

    I don't know what the bitching up there is all about.

    I always work in the dark.

  11. Kweku says:

    Losing moey trading Apple stock is a commendable achievement.

  12. Vegas MarriageBureau says:

    Dick Bove and Meredith Whitney would make a fine couple.