Hostess Beating Potential Buyers Off With A Stick, Says Hostess

Apparently Twinkie-lovers worldwide are clamoring for a piece of this.

At a Wednesday court hearing, Hostess attorney Heather Lennox of Jones Day said Hostess may seek court permission within the next several weeks to sell specific assets, with plans to test any offers at auctions “a few weeks after” filing such motions. “We have received a flood of inquiries,” Ms. Lennox said. “We therefore think there could be very healthy competition.” Ms. Lennox didn’t name names, but several companies have already been identified as potential buyers. Flowers Foods of Thomasville, Ga., whose brands include Nature’s Own bread and Tastykake snack cakes, said Monday it renegotiated lending terms to allow it to tap additional cash. Analysts see that as a clear sign the company is gearing up to bid on Hostess assets. Private-equity firm Sun Capital is also interested in making an offer for Hostess’s entire business, according to a person familiar with the matter…Hostess’s investment banker, Joshua Scherer of Perella Weinberg Partners, said Hostess has received more than two dozen unsolicited calls over the past several days alone from interested buyers.

And not by some no-name fucking shlubbs you’d be embarrassed to be seen with in public. We’re talking big names. Huge. Brands you’d walk around with if you were trying to make an ex jealous. We have confidentiality agreements to adhere to but nod if you understand me when I say: Schmoren Schmuffett. Do you understand me? Schmoren Schm-UFFETT. I can’t say anything else at this time.

“These are name-brand companies that everyone in this courtroom would know and recognize,” he said. Mr. Scherer declined to name the interested buyers but said they include Hostess’s regional and national competitors…Other would-be buyers, Mr. Scherer said, include financial buyers and the “large consumer-products companies that we’re all familiar with,” such as cereal producers. There has also been “very significant interest” from international buyers, he said.

Hostess Has Seen ‘Flood’ Of Interest In Its Brands [WSJ]

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18 Responses to “Hostess Beating Potential Buyers Off With A Stick, Says Hostess”

  1. Guest says:

    If you've ever been beaten off with a stick you know it's not as good as it sounds

  2. Ping Jiang says:

    I like the cramy filling though.

  3. Guest says:

    Hostess should contact HP, they'll buy anything.

  4. VonSloneker says:

    I don't care who buys it, y'all just better ensure production is not interrupted.

    – Fried Twinkie Afficionado, The South

  5. guest says:

    hey bakers union: good call on the strike, followed by an even better call on digging in your heels in mediation. 18,000 people out of work, and the fraction of that that might go back to work when the brands are acquired going to have a worse deal than anything hostess would have offered.

  6. Apu N. says:

    Silly Customers, you can't hurt a Twinkie…….

  7. Geeofffjeff says:

    What if the My Little Brony club was to buy Twinkies to have sex with them? How does that work?

  8. Guest says:

    "Baker looking for work, will take any job that needs filling."

    – Guy predicting influx of craigslist activity in the coming weeks

  9. Inside Eating says:

    Ms. Lennox, I was mearly looking to buy the last boxes left, not the company.

    -S. Cohen

  10. Sophomoron says:

    The Ding Dongs need to merge with the Creampies in order to keep the species alive.

  11. The simple answer is, you strike b/c you are willing to risk losing your job.