Layoffs Watch ’12: Acquisition Of Jefferies By Perpetrators Of Cow Genocide Bodes Well For Firm’s Employees

Rumors began to circulate late last year that Jefferies could be acquired by a large bank, something that would surely result in layoffs. “When banks buy other banks, people lose their jobs,” said Richard Lipstein, managing director at executive search firm Gilbert Tweed Associates. “If you look at a sale of an investment bank, this is as close to perfect as it gets.” Leucadia, often compared to Berkshire Hathaway for its diverse set of holdings, already owns a 28% stake in Jefferies, meaning it intimately knows the firm and its culture, and believes in its direction, Lipstein said…As for layoffs, “there likely won’t be any,” said one headhunter who works with Jefferies and requested anonymity. “Now they’ll have a stronger balance sheet, and the ability to pick up slack where other firms have left off,” said the recruiter. [eF, earlier]

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5 Responses to “Layoffs Watch ’12: Acquisition Of Jefferies By Perpetrators Of Cow Genocide Bodes Well For Firm’s Employees”

  1. Jefferies MD says:

    Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate… layoffs or not….

  2. HAM05 says:

    no layoffs, but they are changing the name to 'Geoffrey's'

  3. VonSloneker says:

    Yeah, we're famous for not changing a thing when we buy a company…

    – Warren B.

  4. Headshunter says:

    So we have the word of a headhunter that there won't be any layoffs. I'm impressed. Certainly all the headhunters I know are credible sources of information and not prone to talk complete bollocks all the time.

  5. HungryIntern says:

    If Leucadia does as well as I did the first time I bought an investment bank, I am sure they will dream of happier days.

    ~ Uncle Warren

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