Layoffs Watch: Citigroup

Cuts are said to have gone down in Asia.

“12 percent axed across sales and trading in HK and Sydney today. Affected all levels.”

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30 Responses to “Layoffs Watch: Citigroup”

  1. guest says:

    The answer to your tag is yes. Never forget.

    –uncle v

  2. UBS Office Lackey says:

    Getting Laid off at Citi is a hell of alot better than working at the shitty place I work

  3. Remember to always negotiate your severance package. If you can negotiate BEFORE getting laid off, you are in a much, much better position.

    Imagine working all year and getting canned with no bonus?


    • guest says:

      The fact that you don't pay DB to advertise here makes you a terrible human being. If your crappy book ever hits Amazon, we look forward to negatively reviewing the shit out of it.

      Oh, and go die etc.

    • Articulate Analyst says:

      Working at Citi all year and getting canned with no bonus > Continuing to work at UBS with a bonus > Spamming the living shit out of DB comments with shit about your worthless book/ideas/whatever and failing to realize that you may be one of the single dumbest motherfucking fucksticks ever put on this planet.

    • Sarcastic guest says:

      Great advice!

      -No one

    • guest says:

      I can't tell if your trolling this site or mildly austic.

      • Guest says:

        Thought the same thing, but the guy has a website…. I mean, if he is a troll, he's seriously committed.

        • Dr. Phil says:

          Or should be.

        • Guest says:

          Follow up to my earlier comment, just had to share some spectacular little blurbs from Sam Dogen's (Financial Samurai) self written bio;

          -Sam ran a multi-million dollar business where he actively participated in the recruitment and retrenchment process of a notoriously cyclical industry.
          [No idea wtf that means, head hunter for a sanitation company?, how do you actively recruit an industry?]

          -Given Sam is financially independent, he is less influenced by money. He is also beholden to no one. As a result, Sam provides more unbiased, edgy, straight from the gut views on personal finance. [Don't even know where to begin, BUT, the fact that someone is trying to sell you an e-book, and qualifies them self by telling you they don't need the money, seems like a good place]

          -My current hourly consulting rate is $500 an hour and the discount is available to the first 100 customers who reach out. [Fuck off and die…. wait… send UBS your client list first, Christmas is coming]

  4. UBS says:

    Please feel free to fire some of our employees for practice

  5. UBS says:

    Call us when Citi isn't having layoff's.

  6. Quikding says:

    alert… alert… too many unfunny ubs comments

  7. 390G says:

    Hey Derek – put your name on the list….u suck!

  8. 390G says:

    Hey Derek – put your name on the list – u suck!