Mr. And Mrs. Mathew Martoma In Surprisingly Good Spirits Considering Someone’s Recent Workplace Drama

Earlier today, former CR Intrinsic employee Mathew Martoma made an appearance in federal court re: the matter of his being charged with insider trading during his time with the SAC Capital unit. The hearing was merely to set the terms his bail– lenient enough that they allow him to travel throughout Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, and parts of New York, though not so generous so as to allow for visits with old friends in the Nutmeg State— with a follow up meeting with the Judge James Cott set for December 26th. Joining Mathew at the courthouse today was his wife, Rosemary, and while we expected brave faces and a united front from the couple, we didn’t expect smiles and jokes for the cheap seats.

Before and after today’s court appearance, Martoma and his wife chatted with defense lawyers, smiling. Rosemary Martoma, a pediatrician, sat straight-backed as she listened to the judge and lawyers discuss bail. At the end of the hearing, picking up their coats and bags, she joked “I’m the bag lady.”

This is America, so innocent before proven guilty and all that jazz, by which we mean Rosemary might not actually have a reason to be pissed at her husband when it comes to alleged record-setting securities violations. But, at the very least, his arrest on Tuesday presumably made things somewhat to very tense on Thursday— particularly if they were expecting guests!– and may or may not put somewhat of a damper on this holiday season. Standing by your man/woman/chosen recipient of love is great and all that but the quick turnaround time of less than a week from having federal agents knocking on her door in Florida to the bail hearing in New York suggests that either Rosemary Martoma is a saint or her smiles and “joke” were followed by a sharp look in her chucking husband’s direction and a “Oh, is that funny to you? I’m gonna be an actual bag lady if this doesn’t work out in your favor–stupid dick” muttered under her breath that only he could hear. To that end, it’s highly possible this was all for the cameras and that once they were in the car someone was reminded that he is on thin ice and that, yeah, maybe it’s a good idea that he just not talk at all for the rest of the ride home.

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9 Responses to “Mr. And Mrs. Mathew Martoma In Surprisingly Good Spirits Considering Someone’s Recent Workplace Drama”

  1. M. Milken says:

    Whoa dude.

  2. Turnip Truck says:

    So, do we just assume that you don't know where or what Sri Lanka is?

  3. dotted indian says:

    yeah dude, in ALL seriousness, it is just you. check out –

    you should consider going back to that trailer in caucasia..

  4. Guest says:

    I guess nobody told her that if found guilty she doesn't get to keep the ill gotten gains while her husband sits in jail…

  5. vinod says:

    why is this house ni$#$ going after his own kind. Ever single one of the Desis he has prosecuted worked hard and did great things for the mother country. This guy Bharara doesnt have the guts to go after whites or jews so he goes after hapless Indians.