Warren Buffett Is Finished With The “Raise My Taxes And See What Happens Next” Conversation

“…let’s forget about the rich and ultrarich going on strike and stuffing their ample funds under their mattresses if — gasp — capital gains rates and ordinary income rates are increased. The ultrarich, including me, will forever pursue investment opportunities.” [NYT]

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14 Responses to “Warren Buffett Is Finished With The “Raise My Taxes And See What Happens Next” Conversation”

  1. Sick of the old turd says:

    Shut up you old turd.

    –Rich, nowhere close to ultrarich, working my ass off to get richer, and Warren's not helping

  2. Enough Already says:

    Warren, it's time to say your farewells and exit the stage. We've had enough of you.

    — guy who wonders why Warren Buffet, Molly Munger and their ilk like taxes so much.

  3. Flo says:

    Warren needs to take off his Velcro shoes and enjoy a bowl of shutty stew.

    – D. Heffernan

  4. CaptainObvious says:

    when you've made it to the top of the hill, you can be "munificent" and choose to "level" the playing field for everyone below you, but especially those who are struggling to make it up to your level. It actually protects your position because it pacifies the lazy masses while also stopping the next generation of ambitious people from achieving their objectives. Welcome to socialist Europe, where the same 15-20 families have controlled the wealth for centuries.

  5. Mercury says:

    …which will soon be limited to 1) getting further in bed with the government or 2) outside the USA.

  6. Guest says:

    Leave taxes low, close buffets loopholes, and confiscate that paddle!

  7. contradiction says:

    didn't this old bastard sue the IRS over paying taxes

  8. anti-buffett says:

    Buffett donated over 99% of his wealth on paper for which he's not paying taxes. His real tax is much lower than 1%. Buffett is paying such a low rate because of loopholes, and not the fact that the rate is too low. He's such a hypocrite to ask for a higher rate when that wouldn't affect him.

  9. Entire East Coast says:

    Earth to Omaha: $250,000 ain't "ultrarich" here.

  10. G. Smith says:

    OMG, it's huge.

  11. Some Jerk says:

    Absolutely, let’s tax foundations with less than five discrete contributors at ordinary income levels! Screw those rich Wall Street-types, hiding their billions in foundations controlled by their halfwit son-in-laws!

    Amirite, Warren?

  12. Gerson Va says:

    Yes I see Warren Buffett resting on a mattress while so many individuals don't even have one. It's a shame.