Write-Offs: 11.02.12

$$$ The power is back on in parts of downtown [DI]

$$$ And it was never off at Goldman [DealBook]

$$$ But the marathon is off [NYT, earlier]

$$$ Berkshire Profit Climbs 72% on Derivatives, Railroad [Bloomberg]

$$$ More Hedge Funds Close Up Shop as Returns Fizzle [Reuters]

$$$ Jérôme Kerviel is the most indebted man in the world [Atlantic]

$$$ Macquarie is looking for equity research associates in New York, including in the Oil & Gas, Business Services, Utilities, and Transportation & Logistics sectors [DBCC]

$$$ SEC Asked Groupon for Financial Disclosures [WSJ]

$$$ “The problem is that when you actually look at the documents from some of the troubled investments during the financial crisis, in many cases the disclosure was copious. There were warnings of the risks; investors just failed to heed the warning signs that should have led them to further investigation.” [DealBook / Steven Davidoff]

$$$ Goldman urges Supreme Court to end mortgage class-action [Reuters]

$$$ E*Trade Reviews Practices on ‘Best Execution’ for Stock Trades [WSJ]

$$$ Model Under Fire for Using Sandy Wreckage for Photo Shoot [ABC]