Write-Offs: 11.07.12

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$$$ ‘Sad and Depressed’ CEOs See No Light at End of Partisan Impasse [Bloomberg]

$$$ George Soros says Obama victory means ‘more sensible politics’ [Reuters]

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$$$ Diane Sawyer Knows You Think She Was Drunk Last Night [DI]

$$$ Citi is looking for an ultra-high-net-worth banker associate in Beverly Hills [DBCC]

$$$ Bank supervisor defends risk models [FT]

$$$ French banks are getting into securitization [WSJ]

$$$ Was Intrade being manipulated over the last month? [Overcoming Bias]

$$$ “News Corp, the parent of Fox News, is one of the few stocks that’s up. I guess Obama is good for ratings.” [CWS]

$$$ How to De-Romneyize an Airplane [BBW]