Write-Offs: 11.08.12

$$$ Greek Aid Payment Call Won’t Be Made Next Week, EU Official Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ Dexia Gets a New Bailout [DealBook]

$$$ Obama Victory Leads Wealthy to Make Quick Pre-2013 Moves [Bloomberg]

$$$ “The ECB is playing a more complicated game than old fashioned ‘loose money to counteract downturns, tight money to counteract inflation’ monetary policy. And you have to ask yourself: Is it working? Has this delivered prosperity?” [Slate / Matt Yglesias]

$$$ The guy who was going to fire all of his employees if Obama got elected, gave them a 5% raise [BBW]

$$$ Priceline.com Impulsively Buys Kayak During Mini Existential Crisis [VF]

$$$ JPMorgan is looking for a high-net-worth banker in Chicago [DBCC]

$$$ JPMorgan Cleared for $3 Billion Stock Buyback [DealBook]

$$$ Libor rates cull proposed for April [FT]

$$$ Consulting Firm That Once Advised Gadhafi Enters Chapter 11 [WSJ]

$$$ Here you will find a review of Atlas Shrugged [The Awl]

$$$ “As he wended his way toward proposing an April trial date for Christopher’s claims and Tory’s counterclaims, Strine reflected on the (in his view) unwarranted popularity of ‘duck boots,’ the mysterious utility of the Topsiders his son just bought and the strangely bright colors of WASP-preferred styles.” [Reuters]

$$$ “‘Paying bills,’ Mr. Adelson said on Tuesday night when asked by a Norwegian reporter how he thought his donations had been spent. ‘That’s how you spend money. Either that or become a Jewish husband — you spend a lot of money.'” [DI]

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7 Responses to “Write-Offs: 11.08.12”

  1. Guest says:


    – DLA Piper

  2. Guest says:

    Hey Matt, you wanna crush some ass later?


  3. 2 cubes over says:

    Regulatory impact pre-deal making?

  4. Value Additive Guy says:

    Also, most lawyers are hideously unattractive, so probably trying to do you a solid once the sleep deprivation goggles kick in.

  5. DingALing says:

    " Obama Victory Leads Wealthy to Make Quick Pre-2013 Moves"

    In related news, UBS Asset Management recently gained a large number of HNWI investors.

  6. Guest says:

    Um, where's the morning bell?