Write-Offs: 11.12.12

$$$ S&P, Fitch face trial over Italy downgrades [Reuters]

$$$ Kodak Reaches Financing Deal With Bondholders [WSJ]

$$$ “Investors in the US are marking down the prices of securities backed by mortgages written before the financial crisis, anticipating that the re-election of President Barack Obama presages a new effort to help distressed borrowers refinance their loans.” [FT]

$$$ Jon Ronson: “I had Nostradamus-like sense that things were going to go wrong in the credit industry. And I became obsessed with trying to tell that story. … But I couldn’t do it. And the reason was because I kept on meeting people who worked in the credit industry and they were really boring. I couldn’t make them light up the page. And, as I said in The Psychopath Test, if you want to get away with wielding true malevolent power, be boring.” [The Awl]

$$$ “Armed with camcorders and Velcro, a group of activists hope to prove that mountain lions call Connecticut home despite assurances by the state that the big cats are out-of-towners.” [Stamford Advocate]

$$$ Consider buying a signed print of Geoffrey Raymond’s Ina Drew painting [Annotated Paintings]

$$$ LLOYD! [Sandy Sucks]

$$$ A major insurance company is looking for quants to cover fixed income products, fixed income derivatives and structured products in New York [DBCC]

$$$ Coal CEO Prays For Deliverance from Obama, Fires Workers [Slate]

$$$ Exchanges Route Away From NYSE After Trading Glitch [WSJ]

$$$ AIG keen to sell bank, expand in mortgages: CEO [Reuters]

$$$ Baby Boomers Blunt Fed Easing While Saving for Retirement [Bloomberg]

$$$ Businessweek criticized for poll on hot female b-school students [TBN]

$$$ Mary-Kate Olsen Shares PDA with Older Boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy [toofab]

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2 Responses to “Write-Offs: 11.12.12”

  1. mathguy says:

    Get bent.

    – Grandma & Grandpa investors

  2. Gartman says:

    I knew that Jon Ronson would conflate Nostradamus with me when describing his prescience.