Write-Offs: 11.14.12

$$$ Facebook stock up as lock-up expires on largest block of shares [Reuters]

$$$ There were some 13Fs filed today [Deal Journal, EDGAR]

$$$ Including Whitney Tilson’s [ZH]

$$$ Icap warns of toughest market in 36 years [FT]

$$$ Welcome To Belinda’s Private Equity Immersion Daycare [McSweeney’s]

$$$ FBI Agent in Petraeus Scandal Says Shirtless Photo Was Just an Inside Joke [Daily Intel]

$$$ How to Explain the Elmo Sex Scandal to Your Kids: an Illustrated Guide Starring Justin Bieber and Elmo [Gawker]

$$$ PIMCO is looking for an MBS/ABS Portfolio Associate in Huntington Beach [DBCC]

$$$ No further austerity for Spain, says Rehn [FT]

$$$ Botín pleads for ‘essential’ banking union [FT]

$$$ Investors Call for Citi Breakup [WSJ]

$$$ BofA tallies $15.8 bln in mortgage aid to struggling borrowers [Reuters]

$$$ Here you will find a very good Q&A with Nate Silver [Deadspin]

$$$ Eliot Spitzer: Petraeus Shouldn’t Have Resigned [NYO]

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  1. Posted by High Freq Hyperlink | November 15, 2012 at 9:59 AM

    Matt, nice job with those 13F links.

  2. Posted by ijlal | April 23, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    I admit with your Blog and I will be back to examine it more in the future so please keep up your work.