Write-Offs: 11.16.12

$$$ Fiscal Cliff Talks to Get Fast Track [WSJ]

$$$ William Dudley: Solving the Too Big to Fail Problem [FRBNY]

$$$ EU Should Reach Deal on Greek Aid Next Week, Grilli Says [Bloomberg]

$$$ Work Still Needed to Reduce Repo Market Risks: Fed Official [MarketBeat]

$$$ Taliban Reveal Identities of Their Mailing List Members [ABC]

$$$ Do Not Expect a Hug From Mayor Bloomberg [DI]

$$$ Prudential is looking for a senior financial writer to do product marketing in Newark [DBCC]

$$$ How Hostess Failed: Hedge Funds vs Unions [NetNet / John Carney]

$$$ Don’t worry, Twinkies will survive [Term Sheet]

$$$ Man Group to Sell Lehman Legal Claims for $456 Million [DealBook]

$$$ Lee Buchheit on Greek debt reprofiling with Felix Salmon [Reuters]

$$$ Judge Tells Drug Trafficking Defendant He Can’t Have Another Joint ‘For Old Time’s Sake’ [ATL]

$$$ Britain has invaded all but 22 countries [kottke]

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