Write-Offs: 11.26.12

$$$ Euro zone, IMF reach deal on long-term Greek debt [Reuters]

$$$ Meet the Canadian who just became Britain’s top central banker [WaPo]

$$$ Intrade Tells U.S. Account Holders: Close Them Down, Now [WSJ]

$$$ Law firm bonus season started with Cravath bonuses [ATL]

$$$ Selected Passages from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile’ [Josh Brown, earlier]

$$$ BlackRock is looking for an iShares sales specialist in New Jersey [DBCC]

$$$ It’s a Hoax! Google Not Buying ICOA: ICOA CEO [Reuters]

$$$ FBI uses Twitter, social media to look for securities fraud [Reuters]

$$$ Renaissance Technologies changed its sign [NetNet]

$$$ “When Aaron James arrives at the corner of Broad and Exchange on a cold Monday evening, my first question is an obvious one: Did you see any assholes on the way over?” [DI]

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  1. Guest says:

    Bank of England is merging with Bank of Canada in order to survive