Write-Offs: 11.29.12

$$$ Boehner Urges Obama to ‘Get Serious’ About Cliff Talks [Bloomberg]

$$$ SAC’s assets increased despite indictment [AR]

$$$ SAC Capital holds call with employees, says essentially the same thing it said to investors yesterday [CNBC, earlier]

$$$ Savers’ lament: The complex effects of low interest rates on consumption and investment [Economist]

$$$ Record Corporate Profits [Economix]

$$$ Ken Griffin buyer of Chicago’s most expensive condo [Chicago Tribune]

$$$ The Danger Of Dyslexic Headline Scanning Algos [ZH]

$$$ Strauss-Kahn Said to Reach Deal to Settle With Hotel Housekeeper [NYT]

$$$ Joe Biden Goes To Costco [BuzzFeed]

$$$ Zurich to open drive-in sex boxes [Telegraph via MR]
$$$ A top restructuring team is looking for an investment banking analyst with restructuring or lev fin experience [DBCC]

$$$ Banker: Hostess Fielding Interest From 110 Potential Buyers [Deal Journal]

$$$ House Committee Lobbies for Right to Repeal Volcker [CNBC]

$$$ Icahn to Drop Oshkosh Offer If Support Falls Short Next Week [Bloomberg]

$$$ Two Convictions Tossed Out in Ernst Tax-Shelter Case [WSJ]

$$$ Human sacrifice, the original negative interest rate [FTAV]

$$$ Scallop organs left in wrong car [UPI]

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    Hamsterdam in Zurich