Write-Offs: 11.30.12

$$$ Plaintiffs’ lawyers somehow turn nonbinding “say on pay” votes into shakedown opportunity [Reuters, related]

$$$ How a desperate HP suspended disbelief for Autonomy deal [Reuters]

$$$ Virtu, Getco Start Examining Knight Trading’s Books [Deal Journal]

$$$ Carl Icahn and the Oshkosh board are still fighting [WSJ]

$$$ National Bank of Poland Working Paper: “Would it have paid to be in the eurozone?” (Spoiler: no) [NBP]

$$$ John Cochrane and Cliff Asness critique Warren Buffett on taxes [Grumpy Economist]

$$$ Somebody’s using bitcoins [BBW]

$$$ A financial institution is looking for a risk manager in Charlotte [DBCC]

$$$ Detroit on the Verge of Insolvency, Again [WSJ]

$$$ Duke Energy’s Latest C.E.O. Drama [DealBook]

$$$ Goldman Pushes Subprime ABX Index as Housing Rebounds [Bloomberg]

$$$ BlackRock, Rialto Dump Some of Their ‘Skin’ in CMBS Game [MarketBeat]

$$$ Lindsay Lohan Gets Unsolicited Legal Advice from Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis [NYO]

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    -Guy who figures that after more than 24 hours without a comment, a throwback comment is at least acceptable.

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  5. Posted by Luz | April 5, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    I read about Lindsay Lohan getting an open letter from Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis convincing Lohan to fire her lawyer. Pretty interesting why would Davis ask this of the celebrity.