Don’t Bury Your Ingots Before Ragnarok

Convinced the impending Western economic collapse (or today’s end of civilization) will plunge the financial centers of North America and Europe into looting, murder and anarchy? Don’t trust the impregnability of Fort Knox or the New York Fed’s basement, let alone the places you actually keep you gold?

A solution is at hand—if the people who wrongly interpret the Mayans are wrong.

Security companies are busy ordering two-ton steel doors and sophisticated monitoring systems, and hiring more armed guards as they expand their high-security vault capacity in Asia.

Brink’s Co., for example, has increased its storage space for precious metals in Singapore more than threefold over the past year, to 200 square meters, and is building a bonded warehouse in Shanghai to store high-value consumer goods and precious metals.

“We are growing, and driving that growth is the storage of precious metals and also bank notes,” said Jos van Wegen, the company’s senior manager of global services in Singapore.

Going for Gold? Don’t Forget the Vault [WSJ]

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3 Responses to “Don’t Bury Your Ingots Before Ragnarok”

  1. Guest says:

    "… keep your gold."

    Fixed it.

  2. website says:

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  3. Mark Sindone says:

    Dig a hole and bury it in your own backyard I say! Storage is only the most secure when you're watching over it yourself! Then again, if you've got that much gold, it wouldn't hurt someone to help you watch over it. And then there's the interest while you've got it in a bank too…