For The Federal Reserve Chief Who Has Everything (Except An Economic Recovery)

Ben Bernanke’s a hard one to shop for. But his underlings are dropping some clear hints. And he’s OK with the fact that you’ve already missed Hannukah, as long as it gets to him sometime next year.

Surveys done by two regional Fed banks suggest policymakers may get their wish for somewhat faster inflation next year. Businesses are expecting to face significant cost increases next year and plan to respond by lifting their own selling prices.

Plus, you’ve already given him this, which was very thoughtful and will allow him to eat his Chinese takeout on Tuesday without agita.

The Federal Reserve has canceled the sale of shorter-dated U.S. Treasury debt that was tentatively scheduled for Dec. 27 as part of the central bank’s “Operation Twist” stimulus program, the New York Fed said on its website on Thursday.

The New York Fed said the sale was “no longer necessary.”

Fed May Get Its Hope for More Inflation in 2013 [WSJ]
Fed cancels Dec. 27 tentative Treasuries sale – NY Fed [Reuters]

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