If This Credit Trading Thing Doesn’t Work Out, Citi Employees In London Have A Career In Gift Wrapping To Fall Back On

Behold the amazing attention to detail that was brought to wrapping the desk of a colleague, who showed up late the day after group holiday party. The mouse! The stapler! The tight, clean corners on the monitors!

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42 Responses to “If This Credit Trading Thing Doesn’t Work Out, Citi Employees In London Have A Career In Gift Wrapping To Fall Back On”

  1. PippyLongSausage says:

    I would like to think that the guy on the right taking the photo on his phone got into a fist fight with the guy who took the above photo over who would be able to send it to Bess first and take the credit for it.

  2. Irony Mikey says:

    It's the new layoff prezzie!

  3. Elf says:

    Damn – that's pretty good!

  4. guest says:

    I bet it's a sweater.

    — another former Lehman quant

  5. SmartGuy says:

    Must be a frenchie

  6. Advantage Plus GP says:

    Red arrows that point upward? That gives me an idea…

  7. Citi CEO says:

    Now GTFO, you're 11,001.

  8. Dwight Schrute says:

    The best part will be when he goes to sit in the chair and it just colapses

  9. Irony Mikey says:

    I bet you anything that was done by a girl or a facsimile of a guy that behaves like girl.

  10. GSIntern says:

    At least he took advantage of the open bar…

  11. Guest says:

    Why is wrapping presents so fucking hard anyway? I think I get worse at it every year.

  12. Texashedge says:

    This is much better than the "throw all the presents into a garbage bag" methodology that I employ every year.

  13. Im_a_Dude says:

    whats the update on the reading event next week?

  14. Seriously Serious says:

    This is good, it really should help the Q4 P&L.

  15. Gozer says:

    The less trading Citi does the better

  16. oki says:

    Just think, if they fired these 3 guys, they probably could have kept their entire Turkey operation.

  17. 2 cubes over says:

    Love the contrast wrapping detail on the computer case. Well played.

  18. Peter Gibbons says:

    I have 8 different bosses that do that to my desk every time I forget the cover sheet on my T.P.S. Reports

  19. Guest says:

    This all makes sense now

    – Wall Street

  20. Gap Option Quant says:

    Hope the "late" guy wrapped it up the night before.

  21. Max says:

    Wasting company resources. Not a surprise from a Wall Street company who just laid off 11,000employees and before that needed cash from the poor American citizens to stay in business.

  22. Ta da! says:

    A few tips to receive more thumbs up ….
    1) In the future use all caps. People around here really respect that kind of thing.
    2) There is only one spelling for your, it's your. Never ever be tempted to use something else like you're.
    3) We like to rail against banksters, crooks in ties, is what we all think.
    4) Embrace the run-on sentence. It shows that you have real passion for the topic at hand and would rather not be bothered with punctuation.
    Of course if that doesn't work out for you, there's always Yahoo!