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  1. Khekho says:

    Whenever I take my morning jog aurond the neighborhood, I’m haunted by the number of for sale signs on my block alone….seven. They’re a constant reminder of what’s to come. Thanks Dmitry…for your prolific and intelligent postings.. I’ve been reading your blog for months because I’ve sensed all wasn’t right here for years. We lived in a small town in Germany and had to move back to the states in 2003. We didn’t want to come back then because we somehow sensed what was happening here. I’ve told all my friends to read your posts, but no one has taken them seriously. We’ve sold a lot of our belongings for cash and have started to buy gold as well. Our passports are updated and sometime in August, we’ll be moving out of the states. Family members believe we’re being paranoid and that things will turn aurond in about six months! Some of my other friends accuse us of giving up by running away and that isn’t the case. I don’t want my girls to be aurond when the chaos kicks into high gear. I think any mother-in-the-know would do the same thing. I’m not ignorant. I know where we’re going won’t be a panacea but the population is smaller and the culture is in tact. Hopefully it will be the right decision for us. We have to at least try for our girls. Also, we find the prospect of moving to another country exciting as my husband and I don’t like to stay in one place for too long. We don’t view our move as being negative. In truth, we had plans to eventually leave the US. The current collapse only hastened our decision. Starting a new life in a new country is a challenge for personalities that crave new experiences. Luckily, our family fits that description!I’ll continue to look forward to your posts.Good luck to everyone,Eleni

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