Promotion Watch ’12: Citigroup

Contrary to popular belief, not all news is bad news at Citigroup. Yesterday 122 employees were named Managing Directors and while some might say that the only Wall Street promotion news worth reporting is that of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup is a real bank, too, so let’s all take a moment and give it up for them. It’s not as exciting as winning an iron-pumping sessions with Mike Corbat, but it’s something.

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4 Responses to “Promotion Watch ’12: Citigroup”

  1. Alt_EST says:

    The correct answer is, "The author has violated the CFA Code of Ethic and Standards, Section I (Professionalism), Part C (Misrepresentation), by stating, 'Citigroup is a real bank.'"

  2. GotHeeeem says:

    Promotion vs Iron-pumping session with Mike Corbat?….Get my fckin pre-workout mix ready.

  3. King of the chumps says:

    Mike Corbat appears to be doing curls.

    A worthless exercise that people do only to make things 'look' better, but improving functional strength not one bit.

    Much like getting an MD promotion at Citi.


  4. DingALing says:

    Every year we avoid downsizing cuts in this game of musical chairs that doesn't end with us being unemployed, or worse, at UBS, is a promotiion in itself.