Promotion Watch ’12: Credit Suisse

Recent events might have had you thinking otherwise, but Credit Suisse does more than just layoff its employees– sometimes it promotes them, too! Earlier this morning, in fact, the Swiss bumped a whole bunch of guys and girls up to managing director. And even though it’s not grundle-to-face level exciting, it’s still something.

In case you’re looking to congratulate each and every one of them:

Alvarado, Luis
Anwer, Rehan
Azim, Ali
Bakshi, Vishal
Bantli, André
Bathgate, Colin
Beitzel, Matt
Besnard, Pascal
Boschetti, Athos
Brown, Neil
Buccola, James
Buchalter, Gary
Büchler, Philipp
Burke, Darryl
Callahan, Mark
Cameo, Martin
Catchpole, Martin
Cegarra, Walter
Ceraso, Chris
Chua, Christopher
Chui, Johnson
Dabal, Greg
David, Bradley
Delany, Edward
Delnon, Marc
Du, Jinsong
Duff Blalock, Eileen
Dutoit, Olivier
Einaudi, Matias
El-Taher, Julie
Eralil, Lucose
Fankhauser, Urs
Fenner, Christian
Fligge, Marcel
Ghose, Promit
Giolito, Paolo
Gonzalez-Spahr, Manuel
Grossmann, Jörg
Guilger, Fabio
Hammond, Jack
Handy, Brian
Hill, Neville
Hollenstein, Mark
Hompes, Derek
Houghton, Julian
Huber, Patrick
Hux, Jeremy
Isler, Andreas
Jafree, Samina
Johnson, Simon
Karn, Linda
Kavounas, Edmond
Kelly, Christopher
Kiefer, Cyrill
Kinderlerer, Jon
Klein, Jon
Klepetko, Paul
Kovacs, Shane
Kozlowski, Peter
Kruegel, Nicolas
Lago, Guilherme
Lantz, Carl
Le, Khoa
Lebovitz, Jeff
Leder, Urs
Lerner, Michel
Lim, Byungil
Low, Joyce
Ma, Scarlett
Mackenzie, Ross
Maekawa, Hideyuki
Martino, Gian Marco
McCormack, Kieren
McKinney, Charlie
McTernan, Madelaine
Meyers, Elaine
Mezan, Enrico
Minsky, Ira
Moser, Jürg
Noltingk, Duncan
Olidge, Darilyn
Palleroni, Lorenzo
Peterson, Keith
Pfajfer, Aleks
Pike, Sean
Pilant, John
Plestis, Steve
Rahman, Fahim
Ramskill, Tim
Randolph, Trevor
Rieser, Andreas
Roitgarts, Alexander
Ross, Brigitte
Rothenbuehler, Christian
Rubio-Alvarez, Armando
Rüttimann, Raymond
Rybach, Manuel
Sager, Michael
Sam, Elaine
Satran, Jonathan
Scali, Mike
Schlitt, Ryan
Schmidt, Marc
Schollum, Myo
Schüepp, Patrick
Shanagher, Tim
Shane, Jason
Shuman, Michael
Sigrist, Beat
Singh, Surjan
Sonder, Daniel
Splinter, Theo
Staddon, Philip
Stoddard, Michael
Tan, Benjamin
Tan, Kuan Ern
Tee, Amy
Teran, Gabriela
Tiernan, Mark
Torop, Jonathan
Trignani, Stefan
Upton, Simon
Vaccaro, Nicolas
Welch, Tracy
Win, Mya
Winslow, Phil
Woodhouse, Joe
Young, Bill
Zarriello, Daniel
Zehnter, Sascha

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16 Responses to “Promotion Watch ’12: Credit Suisse”

  1. Nene says:

    Who is name?

  2. Guest says:

    lots of chiefs, very few Indians

  3. Guest says:

    Eileen Duff Blalock

  4. Title Inflation says:

    So, that means 80% of employees are now MDs?

  5. Guest says:

    I heard that includes a large number in Private Banking. Investment Banking/Capital Markets is more like 20-25 total

  6. Lucinda says:

    These aren't all MD promotions guys. Man, this is such poor journalism. Good to NOT see a M. Kim there. Super cronyism at CS where racial groups promote other racial groups above others.