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Robert Benmosche: We Showed This World A Thing Or Two

“Dear Colleagues,” Robert Benmosche wrote in a memo to AIG employees today. “We come together as a company to celebrate in good times and we draw together in times of shared crisis. Today warrants a celebration like no other in AIG’s history and places well in the past a crisis none of us will ever forget…Today the US Department of the Treasury has priced an offering of approximately 234.2 million shares of AIG common stock at a price to market of $32.50 per share. Upon the closing of this transaction, expected this Friday, Treasury will have sold the last of its remaining shares of AIG common stock, receiving proceeds of approximately $7.6 billion from the sale. The closing of this transaction will mark the full resolution of America’s financial support of AIG…It is one of the most extraordinary – and what many believed to be the most unlikely– turnarounds in American business history. And you did it…You did this. Every single man and woman at AIG did this remarkable thing. There is a saying in American life, there are no second acts. Well, take a bow, because today marks our second act.” [Dealbook]

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4 Responses to “Robert Benmosche: We Showed This World A Thing Or Two”

  1. Bobby B. says:

    Yay! Look at us go! I was squeezing grapes in Croatia and I didn't give up the private jet! I was a risk taker and it paid off. Thanks for putting up with my ego and for the blow jobs. Also, the free money from other people was cool.

  2. Guest says:

    BJs from Lisa?

  3. Michael says:

    Yeah and look at how you truly "thank America" for bailing your sorry company out. Your Greedy Shareholders now are considering a law suit. AIG is part of what gotbuscwhere we are today. Go F–K YOURSELVES.

  4. Kevin Right says:

    Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing with us. BJs is from Lisa))