Whatever Doesn’t Kill Steve Cohen Makes Him Stronger

…even as it digests the latest government allegations of a former employee’s insider trading, SAC has turned around another positive month, leaving it up nearly 12 percent for the year through November, said someone familiar with the company’s performance. [CNBC]

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6 Responses to “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Steve Cohen Makes Him Stronger”

  1. Guest says:

    The ball don't lie.

    – S. Cohen

  2. Investor says:

    so after fines, 11.9% ytd?

  3. guest says:

    taxing carried interest : insider trading fines and legal fees :: punch in balls : pinch on the wrist

  4. Guest says:

    Did Lance Armstrong give up on winning races just because some people alleged he was doping?!? NO!, he went out and won those races because he's a winner and nobody can take that away from him.