World’s Most Expensive Office Now Somewhat Less Expensive

The market for literally palatial office space does not appear to have recovered.

Take poor Zimmer Lucas Capital, a New York hedge fund that bought itself a five-story West 54th Street townhouse—formerly owned by a Lehman brother—in 2005. In May, ZLC listed the place for $65 million, or almost $4,000 per square foot. But with no takers seven months later, it’s looking for bargain hunters.

First listed for $65 million in May, the price on the five-story townhouse just dropped by $15 million, Curbed reports. But at just over $3,000 per square foot, it would still blow away the current Manhattan record for office space, which is $1,600 per square foot.

On the other hand, it certainly is something to look at.

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7 Responses to “World’s Most Expensive Office Now Somewhat Less Expensive”

  1. that guy says:

    FIGURATIVELY palatial.

  2. J. Epstein says:

    $1 Bob

  3. michaelknight says:

    was wondering when DB would pick up on the ZLC story…soooooo much more to tell in this epic of assclownery. they just sent out a letter to investors informing they are breaking up the fund due to the fact that the principals can't stand each other..these guys are a veritable treasure trove of snark. step it up Bess.

  4. $4000 per sqft? Is that building made of bricks or GOLD?