Write-Offs: 12.06.12

$$$ IIF Bank Group: Greek Debt Buyback Likely To Reach Target [WSJ]

$$$ Doing the Shareholder Sidestep [DealBook]

$$$ Netflix CEO Hastings Faces SEC Action Over Facebook Post [Bloomberg]

$$$ Rush to set up ‘ultra-short’ bond funds [FT]

$$$ Bain leads private equity firms in use of low-tax payouts [Reuters]

$$$ Financial Times Discovers Hip-Hop Slang From Last Century [DI]

$$$ A multi-billion-dollar asset management firm is looking for a quantitative execution junior equities trader in New York [DBCC]

$$$ Partners’ Stake in Goldman Sachs Rises [DealBook]

$$$ Defaulted Bondholders Undeterred as Gains Hold [Bloomberg]

$$$ Will JPMorgan’s ‘Jes’ Staley Jump Ship? [CNBC]

$$$ Brooklyn couple makes breakup video to announce split to their friends [NYDN via Kevin Roose]

$$$ Snoop [Lion] Asked Himself a Question About His Own Weed Habits on Reddit [NYO]

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