Write-Offs: 12.07.12

$$$ US authorities probe SAC for Weight Watchers [Reuters / Matthew Goldstein]

$$$ Goldman Fined for Failing to Block Trader’s $8.3 Billion Bet [Bloomberg]

$$$ Key SEC Holdout in Money-Fund Overhaul Reverses Stance [WSJ]

$$$ Canada Approves Cnooc-Nexen Deal [WSJ]

$$$ JPMorgan nears £500m bonus tax deal [FT]

$$$ Rant: At Top Law Firms, a Class Conflict During Bonus Season [BBW / Elie Mystal]

$$$ Lloyd bought a house [DealBook]

$$$ The 200 West Street Goldman cafeteria (1) is really very good, (2) features food from a former banker [DealBook]

$$$ 100 Women in Hedge Funds names Ivanka Trump to its board, consists of 10,000 women, mostly not in hedge funds [AR]

$$$ UBS is looking for a credit officer for securities backed lending in New Jersey [DBCC]

$$$ Morgan Stanley’s 2013 adviser pay to reward new loans [Reuters]

$$$ Brokers Must Disclose Bonuses to Clients in Finra Proposal [Bloomberg]

$$$ “It’s always a mistake to use microeconomic intuition in macro,” quantitative easing edition [Scott Sumner]

$$$ Whale’s Trade in Comeback as Junk Fervor Fades [Bloomberg]

$$$ “If Harvard wishes to retain its primary existence as a gigantic profit-maximizing hedge fund …” [American Conservative via John Carney]

$$$ Ivy League Cracks Down as Students Spiral Out of Control [Bloomberg]

$$$I am tired of fooling around, he said. I’m forming a legal team. We have case studies, an office outside Lexington. He swept the strips off the table and held the beak in the air. We’re looking for a poet to write our anthem!” [The Awl]