Write-Offs: 12.12.12

$$$ Fed makes new rate pledge as it launches fresh stimulus [Reuters]

$$$ ‘Cliff’ Talks at Standstill: ‘It’s Getting Worse, Not Better’ [CNBC]

$$$ Deutsche Chiefs Under Investigation in Tax Probe [WSJ]

$$$ Biggest Opportunity Will Be Shorting the Bond Market: Dalio [NetNet / John Carney]

$$$ Thoughts on third-century A.D. monetary policy [FTAV / Izabella Kaminska]

$$$ John McAfee is coming home, “also explained that he’d been secretly using a ‘tiny laptop’ and a fake name to keep up with his website while in custody.” [DI]

$$$ PEAK6 Investments is looking for an accounting associate to join its Finance team in Chicago [DBCC]

$$$ Greece’s lenders call bond buyback a success, endorse aid [Reuters]

$$$ Calpers Bankruptcy Strategy Pits Retirees vs. All Others [Bloomberg]

$$$ The Evolution of Super Senior CDS [TF Markets]

$$$ “So how do you celebrate the end of a late-night bankruptcy auction that brought in nearly $257 million for your client, the government-backed battery maker A123 Systems Inc.?” McDonald’s [Bankruptcy Beat]

$$$ Chris Christie: I’m not too fat for the White House [Politico]

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7 Responses to “Write-Offs: 12.12.12”

  1. Ex-President says:

    I had the tub in the White House replaced with a bigger model after I got stuck in there. So Chris should fit in just fine.

    – Former President Taft

  2. homo_ridiculus says:

    After 8 years of being ruled by a lightweight Kenyan Bolshevik, Christie's avoirdupois alone will connote policy heft to an electorate starved for leadership. "All fat is the Lord's." Leviticus 3:16. Go get 'em, Pudge.

  3. Guest says:

    I am not fat, I am just big boned.

    – Chris^2tie

  4. Quant me maybe says:

    If one's weight were inversely proportional to one's ability to govern, then under Obama, we should be at full employment, Congress would get along and we wouldn't be sending our children Afghanistan to die.

  5. Im_a_Dude says:

    Must have been some DB reading party last night. its 930 and no Morning Bell…

  6. Lowly Assistant says:

    Well, last night was particularly productive. Went to the Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading, got black-out drunk, didn't eat, and lost my cell phone. Guest – if you're out there with my iphone, please let me know. Please, please, please let me know.