Write-Offs: 12.14.12

$$$ Fed Proposes Broad Guidelines for Foreign Banks [WSJ]

$$$ UBS Libor Pact Said to Include Charges Against Bankers [Bloomberg]

$$$ SEC has examined Bank of America mortgage repurchases [Reuters]

$$$ China investors grow angry at mud-slinging [FT]

$$$ VIDEO: “Big Write-Offs Will Inspire You,” Top AIG Exec Raps About Bailout [MoJo]

$$$ Best Buy Gives Founder More Time to Make a Bid [DealBook]

$$$ Apple Falls as UBS Projects Growth Slowdown [Bloomberg]

$$$ This is a story about conversion-free contingent convertible notes [Euromoney]

$$$ This is a story about an ad hoc group of sewer warrant holders [Bloomberg]

$$$ “There’s also the fear that admissions officers could develop Sandy fatigue. ‘That’s the risk, that everyone from New Jersey or New York is going to be writing about Sandy,’ said Nicole Oringer, a private admissions counselor.” [WSJ]