Write-Offs: 12.21.12

$$$ Lawsuits cast darker shadow over banks than Libor fines [Reuters]

$$$ Pershing Square launches www.FactsAboutHerbalife.com [FAH]

$$$ Majority of Wealthy Support Taxing Themselves: Poll [CNBC]

$$$ ICE Would Owe $750 Million if NYSE Deal Blocked [WSJ]

$$$ Daily Intel is live-blogging the Mayan apocalypse [DI]

$$$ That’s it for us today. We’ll be on a light schedule next week, and will see you back here full time on January 2nd. Happy holidays!

$$$ BoNY Mellon is looking for a wealth management sales director in Boston [DBCC]

$$$ Chicago, Boston hedge funds top long-term performance study [HFI]

$$$ Swaps ‘Armageddon’ Lingers as New Rules Concentrate Risk [Bloomberg]

$$$ New York Fed: Progress Being Made in Improving Tri-Party Repo Sector [RTE]

$$$ “[C]lass actions are more closely associated with unreliable disclosures than are SEC investigations. Moreover, stand-alone class actions appear more likely to result in settlements, and those settlements are of greater magnitude, than stand-alone SEC investigations, and officers are more likely to be terminated. Our findings cast doubt on the claim that SEC investigations are superior to class actions in targeting fraud and imposing sanctions on companies.” [Harvard Law]

$$$ “Plaintiff’s counsel hereby gives notice he will not be available any time after December 21, 2012, due to the end of the world.” [ATL]

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    Being the only guy in the office is making me nervous, hope yule understand if I leave at lunch.

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