Attention Connecticut Residents: Watch Out For Tire Irons To The Face

Among the many reasons typically cited by hedge fund managers who choose to run their business out of Connecticut instead of New York are: 1. The room to stretch their shit out 2. Proximity to the Long Island Sound 3. Convenience for those already living in the area. Some probably also believe that the Fairfield County is slightly safer than New York City. That you’re not going to get jumped walking out of the office or beaten with a tire iron because you messed with someone’s man or woman. OR WILL YOU?

An unemployed hairdresser accused of knocking out a Darien woman’s teeth with a tire iron in November pleaded not guilty to a felony assault charge Tuesday at state Superior Court in Stamford. Rhiannon Noell Stefanick, 23, of 90 Deerfield Drive, Greenwich, was arraigned on a charge of first-degree assault. Stefanick and her public defender, Barry Butler, elected a jury trial at her hearing before Judge Richard Comerford. Butler declined comment on the case. Stefanick is to return to court Feb. 14…At Stamford Hospital, , she told police that she had gotten several threatening phone calls since she had met a man a week earlier. The woman told police that she believed they were coming from the man’s ex-girlfriend. In a statement that the woman had to type because she could not speak clearly, she said she remembered a woman walking up to her and saying “I told you not to mess with my man.” The next day, the woman was able to pick out Stefanick’s picture.

Greenwich woman charged in tire-iron beating [Greenwich Time]
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39 Responses to “Attention Connecticut Residents: Watch Out For Tire Irons To The Face”

  1. Guest says:


    Can we get a "don't stick your dick in crazy" tag? I think we can get a lot of mileage on that one…

    • S-D- says:

      Lemme tell yah about dick in the crazy. Chick in da pic gunna be 23 but she suck the D like she damn 40. Let me finish and say dis. Tell the hoe she can make more dancing. Holla

      • Emwinslimshady says:

        modern term my nigga just means my brother. if white people cant use this term and are racists when usin it. whos really the racist here? the word rolls, be proud of it and share it. 

    • Guest says:

      Crazy in the head crazy in the bed…that's all I'm sayin.

  2. Suckjob says:

    There's now a woman in Darien that can give the best blowjobs this side pf Florida.

    • S. Nicks says:

      All your life you've never seen a woman
      Taken by the wind
      Would you stay if she promised you heaven?
      Will you ever win?

  3. Guest says:

    I always knew Mila Kunis's fat older sister had a mean streak in her.

    • Guest says:

      I didn't see it originally, but now I can't unsee it… thanks?

    • Laxbro says:

      I met Mila at a concert. No bullshit, she's an SEC 4/10, Ivy 7/10… looks like a 5ft tall troll. Hot would be the last word I'd use to describe her. Cara Delevingne, Erin Heatherton, Candice Swanepoel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mila Kunis

  4. Guest says:

    Times have changed. Before the financial crisis hit, they used to beat each other up with Gucci handbags in Greenwich.

  5. Bejujular says:

    Dalio's magic forest compound making more and more sense.

  6. Mr. Frankenberger says:

    Dolly: That may have swayed me.

    – Jolene

  7. Inquisitive in HR says:

    Can Matt give any thoughts on what round interview for GS this was part of, either for the attacker or the lady typing out a statement because she can't speak clearly?

  8. nnn says:

    That's quite a set of eyebrows on the beauty parlor trash.

  9. Guest says:

    Man, getting hit with a tire iron really caused a lot of swelling to her face. What? Oh. Oh dear.

  10. Joe and Frank Hardy says:

    90 Deerfield Drive looks like a mansion on Google Maps. But she's using a public defender! This is suspicious.

    • Just_looking says:

      I do not trust that she gave her real home address. 90 Deerfield is owned by Robert Dustin, a dentist and I believe that he sees patients there. I am not sure if this is a home office or if the building is all dental office, and perhaps this treasure eithere worked there, was a patient there or had some other odd connection, but I do not believe she lived there.

      Also, there is a bianca with same last name, Stamford address in in police blotter for no appearance.
      I for one would like some more color on this story.

  11. TheMayor says:

    I'd hit it.


  12. cogg diss says:

    4. White people

  13. HandiCapital says:

    Lights on, as a furry. Good luck with that tire iron.

  14. Guesteeculos says:

    Unemployed hair dressers and recovering junkies… does the man at the center of this tug of war drive a Honda Accord and work in Stamford? Standards, just go up a notch or twenty.

  15. Mrs_Slocombe says:

    In speaking with her counsel after the “purported” assault Ms. Stefanick remarked “had she been thinking more clearly at the time, she would have beaten the bitch’s hands so severely she wouldn’t have been able to wipe-her-ass for a month let alone type-out a statement.

  16. PermaGuestII says:

    Proof that Greenwich not only possesses railroad tracks, but a neighborhood on the wrong side of them, too.

  17. broseph says:

    With some hair and makeup time she's an 8.

    – guy who adjusts the 1-10 scale for "one time events" like getting your mug shot taken

    • Guest says:

      If the following thought process ever runs through your head, I wouldn't bet that a mug shot will be a "one time event"
      – my ex is seeing someone new
      – ???
      – tire iron
      – PROFIT!!!

  18. Eldrick W. says:

    What is it with crazy bitches and irons to the face?! I mean…damn.

  19. Glideroy Lockhart says:

    Where is the Barry Butler tag? You're better than that.