Bonus Watch ’13: Barclays, Credit Suisse Bonuses To Spend Some Time In The Pool

Like Deutsche Bank, management at BARC and CS think shrinking bonuses up to 20 percent sounds like a great idea.

Britain’s Barclays is finalising bonuses for last year and overall 2012 compensation for investment bankers will fall by between 10 percent and 20 percent on average, two sources said. New Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins is revamping the bank and has pledged to cut pay to lift returns for investors…Bonuses across the industry for 2012 could be down by as much as 30 percent from 2011, senior bankers say. Credit Suisse is also set to cut its bonus pool for 2012 by one fifth, the fourth year in a row the Swiss bank has slashed payouts.

Barclays, Deutsche Bank to cut pay up to 20 pct-sources [Reuters]
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4 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’13: Barclays, Credit Suisse Bonuses To Spend Some Time In The Pool”

  1. .Bo says:

    How is purposely leaking "we might cut bonuses 20% but aren't really sure yet" and then waiting for the other banks to follow suit not collusion? At this rate IBD-ers will be unionized by the summer.

  2. Dick Skunkaaakiss says:

    The place is a c#nt operation. Gutless management and miserable people all over.

  3. sohbet says:

    dealing with that amount of money, I think it would really be hard to uncover the truth especially since anyone that rich can pay to make sure that the

  4. sohbet says:

    officers to investigate Blackstone's fishy financial transactions, but they wound up giving them