Bonus Watch ’13: Credit Suisse

A few details from the House of Dougan’s bonus communication day.

“CS bonus communication day. Equities research, bonuses down 25%. Analysts, 10k base (70k-90k) bump , zero to 10k bonuses. Associates, many no base (110k-160k, lowered from 175k) increase, 0-20k bonuses. Mood is somber but many already had very low expectations.”

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55 Responses to “Bonus Watch ’13: Credit Suisse”

  1. dddd says:

    thought this was bonus watch, not salary watch

  2. MS Bonus Quant says:

    Are those zeroes deferred or all-cash ?

  3. Guest says:

    this is factually inaccurate

  4. UBS HR says:

    That is brutal, this helps

  5. CS says:

    heard they're handing out cheese and federer posters..

  6. Former CS Monkey says:

    Numbers seem correct to me! I don't work there anymore, and so glad i quit last year.

  7. Suissekult says:

    Heard Brady's ex is demanding an increase in her alimony…hence employees gotta pitch in

  8. Jeffy says:

    So we're supposed to believe that IB analysts got less than 10K for a bonus….uh yeah right.

  9. Guest says:

    Serious question- have hours in a typical work week dropped? Seems like it would be tough to get people to put in the long hours in exchange for a bonus that couldn't buy a new Honda.

  10. Guest says:

    Completely false numbers on post. Analysts only get bonus numbers in July. Associates paid ~ 100k + in bonus numbers. Current base for first year associate is $110K and third year associate is $150k. Pay for VP's, DIR and MD's down about 15%. Most people pretty satisfied from what was paid out.

  11. Works in CS IBD says:

    These are definitely not CS IBD numbers, not even close. Analysts in investment banking (industry groups, ECM, DCM, lev fin, M&A, etc.) get numbers in summer, they're not on calendar cycle. The associate base numbers here are off as well. 1st year – 120, 2nd – 140, 3rd – 160, VP 1 – 175. Bonus varies hugely by rank/rating and year – middle buckets (mostly under 100k) were below street, top buckets (over 100k) were basically at street. The only number in this entire post or comments section that is accurate was the 53k bonus for 1st year analysts which was communicated and paid several months ago.

  12. Guest says:

    Photo Caption: Come on, everyone loves a fresh donut.

  13. Guest says:

    Its for CS Research, and suprisingly accurate. S&T analysts did slightly better

  14. FoF Analyst says:

    I get paid more to work 35 hours a week. That's pretty dismal for a BB.

  15. 10xLevered says:

    “CS IB bonus communication day. Equities research…"

    I see what you did there.

  16. UBS Analyst says:

    Did not notice the "equities research" part….

  17. testGuy says:

    This is for research, right? Any range for S&T?

  18. CSAnalyst says:

    S&T Analyst – 40k

  19. CsJanitorEngineer says:

    i know of groups let go 1 week before bonuses, that's seems at the very least not ethical…

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