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Charlie Gasparino Left His Heart In Throggs Neck And, More Specifically, His Stomach In Pastosa Ravioli

“I wonder where Charlie Gasparino does his grocery shopping” is a question many people have surely asked themselves on many occasions  Lucky for them, today finally brings an answer. The Fox Business reporter was interviewed by “Bronx Times” about his very early boyhood days in the borough, which apparently made a lasting impression on him, despite having moved to Westchester when he was six.

“[The Bronx] was my home away from home basically when I was a kid, up until I was twenty and then I went away to graduate school,” Gasparino says. “My wife is from Brooklyn, but I used to tell her instead of going out to Brooklyn, there are some great restaurants right here and we started going back. Even rather than going to Arthur Avenue I used to go to Throggs Neck. The places I’ve been shopping – I mean Pastosa Ravioli has been there since 1980 – are the easiest three places to shop for really good food: Pastosas, that meat market, Ritchie’s, and that fruit and vegetable store and you get everything you need. And I still do it once a week. If he had to dream up the perfect meal, Gasparino said it would all come from Throggs Neck.

In addition to dropping food-related wisdom, elsewhere in the article CG discusses what his time in the Bronx taught him about life (“you understand…economics plays a role in the way people act”) and offers advice to aspiring journalists (“get literate”). One thing he doesn’t mention?

His favorite recipes and tips for cooking, for example, a piece of breaded veal just right. Would Charlie squeeze a little lemon on the veal before dipping it in the egg? And what about garlic? Would he slice it thin with a razor or just mince it up and throw it in the pan? Does he have any suggestions for cooking on a George Foreman, like he did in grad school? These questions and more would surely be answered if someone at the network (Fox or Food) had the brains to greenlight a new show* called, “Charles in Charge (Of Dinner),” wherein viewers learn not only how to make the perfect calzone but that when rolling out the dough, to extend all the way through for a forearm workout (a little secret Gasparino taught Dick Fuld back in ’93, before someone got too big for his britches).

FOX biz anchor a Bronx guy in his heart – and stomach [Bronx Times]

*Theme song:

There’s a new chef in the neighborhood
Breaks business news and it’s understood.
He makes prosciutto and salami
Like he’s the boss of your fam-il-ee-ee

Charles in charge
of cannolis and biceps
Charles in charge
of biscotti, and triceps

When I eat, I want,
When I cook, I want
When I lift, I want
I want Charles in Charge of me.

(hidden for your protection)
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7 Responses to “Charlie Gasparino Left His Heart In Throggs Neck And, More Specifically, His Stomach In Pastosa Ravioli”

  1. PermaGuestII says:

    Memo to CG:

    Claiming you have "Bronx" street cred because although you lived in Westchester you spent a lot of time in Throggs Neck is like claiming you have Jersey Shore street cred because you play tennis in Rumson.

    Keep on making the ridiculous statements, though. We all need a laugh.

    -the DB commentariat

  2. Im_a_Dude says:

    excellent them song Bess.
    If he was a real Italian, he wouldn't go to "Ritchie's" for produce, but would grow his own tomatoes in his back yard.

  3. Rippley says:

    Dis guy can do pull ups with his hemorrhoids like some kind of Italian alien tentacle coming out of his ass,

  4. guest says:

    Chas from the Block

  5. sohbet says:

    dealing with that amount of money, I think it would really be hard to uncover the truth especially since anyone that rich can pay to make sure that the

  6. sohbet says:

    officers to investigate Blackstone's fishy financial transactions, but they wound up giving them