Ex-SAC Analyst Spared Prison, Still Faces The Wrath of Cohen

Take note, insider-traders and those who might be accused of it in spite of their innocence: If you wear a wire and finger every single person you’ve ever known, you don’t have to go to jail.

Wesley Wang, the former SAC analyst who helped convict one former boss and is probably helping to build cases against his bosses at SAC and Trellus Management, will get to keep doing so from the comfort of his northern California home.

A former hedge fund consultant who cooperated with the government’s sprawling insider trading probe was sentenced to two years probation on Wednesday by a federal judge.

U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff sentenced Wesley Wang in an afternoon proceeding during which the judge said, “the extent of Mr. Wang’s cooperation goes beyond that of most cooperators.”

SAC would not comment. Previously, the firm hasn’t been shy about tarring the not-insignificant number of alumni who’ve pleaded guilty to—or been found guilty of—insider trading. Is The Big Guy’s silence another disturbing sign of the kinder, gentler SAC? Or is he saving them for a private moment with ol’ Wes, perhaps when the latter is hanging upside-down over a large body of water with something heavy chained to his feet, to drop his own hint to Mathew Martoma?

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13 Responses to “Ex-SAC Analyst Spared Prison, Still Faces The Wrath of Cohen”

  1. Hobbes says:

    Now that's what you call a career-limiting move.

  2. Goldman says:

    That's why we never hire Wangs, only Joo's.

  3. Smell my finger says:

    Fingering every person you've ever known is the NKI

  4. Confused Guest says:

    Bess? Any relation?

  5. Fire Jon Shazar says:

    Can we mass import all the Wang jokes from the other thread?

  6. PIng says:

    "The extent of Mr. Wang’s cooperation goes beyond that of most cooperators."

    Tell me more. Every detail, please.

  7. guest says:

    did bess ghost write this for shazar so we'd like him? this is surprisingly adequate for a shazar post

  8. Nigel Tufnell says:

    What a wangker.

    This much talent

  9. Donny says:

    You're worfress mr wang.

  10. sohbet says:

    telling these little stories, here's a good idea: Have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the listener.

  11. sohbet says:

    officers to investigate Blackstone's fishy financial transactions, but they wound up giving them