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Financial Services Employees To Spend The Month Of January Subsisting On Garlic-Oregano Shots And Self-Loathing

…a growing number of self-flagellating New Yorkers who treat — then beat — themselves post-holidays by temporarily giving up vices such as alcohol and sweets, sometimes replacing them with liquid diets (blue-green algae juice and garlic-oregano shots, among them). According to Denise Mari, owner of Organic Avenue, the uber-popular NYC-based juicing mecca, business has doubled year over year since 2006, with an explosion in volume in 2012. And there’s always a spike in sales this time of year with those desperate to cleanse away their sins. “People tend to go extreme — they need to be kicked in the ass,” says Danielle Pashko, a longtime NYC nutritionist who guides high-rollers from Citibank, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. “It’s kind of like a bipolar attitude — splurging with mayhem and nonstop debauchery for weeks, and then total self-deprivation.” “These people are highly successful, competitive and stressed out. They’re cosmopolitan and social and mostly men,” says Pashko…John Cholish may look like any other ripped stud to an outsider: The smoking-hot energy options broker who boasts 6 percent body fat could intimidate most superheroes. “I’ve always been competitive, and like to challenge myself,” says the 29-year-old from Long Island City who has detoxed regularly for more than a decade. But he’s no match for his 110-pound feather of a girlfriend, Brianna Cole, 24. “My girlfriend and I will do a little competition, but she tends to beat me; I’m probably 0 for 4,” he admits sheepishly of their fasts — during which they give up sugar, caffeine, alcohol and simple carbs for a minimum of several days. [NYP]

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25 Responses to “Financial Services Employees To Spend The Month Of January Subsisting On Garlic-Oregano Shots And Self-Loathing”

  1. ignorant teen says:

    "damn that is one ripped stud" – nobody, ever.

  2. VonSloneker says:

    0-4 in a fasting competition against a 110 lb girl who has been starving herself for her entire adult life…who would have guessed. What a meathead.

    – Brianna

  3. PermaGuestII says:

    Behold the uber-douche!

    Nice hair (or lack thereof.)

  4. Beerio says:

    This tag is incorrect "words printed in a real newspaper: "may look like any other ripped stud to an outsider"".
    The story appeared in the Post.

  5. guest says:

    high rollers from citibank???

  6. Intern Candidate says:

    I wonder what a certain older gentleman has to say about how this reflects on the current state of the noble profession of energy and petroleum products trading.

  7. Guest says:

    That's a pick of John Cholish the MMA fighter no? Who the fck is John Cholish the options broker?

  8. Bejujular says:

    When did the NY Post become a real newspaper?

  9. Donny says:

    Cornell is ivy? Why is it lacking such prestige?

  10. Champ says:

    He looks like he is fun at parties.

  11. Mrs_Slocombe says:

    Back in the day they called it the annual Irish hiatus….there was no $80 dollar a day Blue Point fisting for the “ripped” reject. Instead, legions of pros went 30 days cold turkey from an otherwise voracious appetite for booze and woman.

    Consider this from a 1990 Washington Post article on Ted Kennedy. While you might not have liked his politics, no one can deny he was a total pro–swordsman and sot.

    “Without question, Kennedy likes to drink. During a two-hour stretch on a Lufthansa flight from Boston to West Germany in November, he downed two drinks of Scotch, two of vodka and, with dinner, three glasses of red wine. After three hours of sleep, the senator appeared sharp and refreshed upon arriving in Frankfurt at dawn, and subsequently put in a full day of work. He also is disciplined enough to stop drinking during his annual winter diet”

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