Former Bears Stearns Employee Victim Of Harassment By Pizza

If you were going to try and extort money Bear Stears alum, how would you do it? Would you call him at his new job and talk trash about his wife? Would you call his house and tell his wife he was running around on her with another woman? Would you call his mother-in-law in New Jersey and breathe heavily into the phone? Or would you bring out the big guns and start sending pizzas, sometimes 20 at a time, to his home in New Canaan, as a sign you really meant business? Donato Anthony Minicozzi chose all of the above.

A New Jersey flooring salesman was arrested on charges of making harassing calls and trying to extort a loan from a New Canaan man, police said. Donato Anthony Minicozzi, 49, of Brick, N.J., was charged with first-degree harassment, second-degree threatening and attempt to commit first-degree larceny…in early January, the number “Steve” was using changed. Food orders began arriving at the New Canaan house, one time, 20 pizzas, Hohn said. After listening to calls recorded, police became worried the caller was becoming more aggressive, the affidavit said. One time the caller said, “The way this is going to end is you are going to loan us money.” The man said sending pizzas to the house was a way of telling the victim and his family he could “get them any way we want,” the affidavit said. The stranger told the New Canaan resident he could keep his money and they would make his life torture. “The pizza is just a (expletive) start,” the caller said, according to the affidavit. A GPS readout then indicated the phone was at Minicozzi’s residence, the affidavit said. Following that, the wife recalled dating Minicozzi 20 years ago; they broke up after he took money from her, the affidavit said.


Harassing calls lead to N.J. man’s arrest [Stamford Advocate]

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38 Responses to “Former Bears Stearns Employee Victim Of Harassment By Pizza”

  1. S-D- says:

    Lemme add it up for you slow motha fuckas. Chick head game 20 years ago aint the same. Lotta bitches aint sukn da nuts around 20. Now sum da shit up. She now 40. Chicken head be nut gobbler. Holla

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      Is that an Italian Accent?

    • Clarity says:

      I get it. A girl you like and date 20 yrs ago may be cautious with sukn da nuts. Fast forward and she is a certified chicken head nut gobbler. Some men my be hesitent waiting those 20 yrs so they leave her, only to make the move when her husband is now laid off and using his unemployment checks to pay for 20x pizzas at a time.

    • guest says:

      "Chick head game"?

    • Incitatus says:

      "Hey… knock a self a pro, Slick! That gray matter backlot perform us DOWN, I take TCB-in', man!"

      Also: Never post again.

  2. Don the Don says:

    You will scream for fucking mercy once the General Tso's Chicken starts coming.

  3. investorcluzo says:

    When did Dealbreaker become the online version of Cops? Connecticut hasn't been safe since 50 Cent bought Mike Tyson's house…

  4. C. Christie says:

    Harassment is a matter of semantics.

  5. Coxistfagggy says:

    Will New Jersey flooring salesman and former Bear Stearn employees ever get along?

  6. Indian Harbor Quant says:

    Is it Fairfield County day hear at Dealbreaker?

  7. InfiniteGuest says:

    Always with the three names.

  8. Deleveraging says:

    I received my evite to the DBDRN, looking forward to attending. But tell me, who is Wilbur?

  9. Hawaii Sux says:

    Everything was fine until the pizzas started showing up with pineapple on them.

    -Fuck pineapple

  10. Guest says:

    20 pizzas in order to "tell the victim and his family he could 'get them any way we want' "


    – Luca Brasi

  11. Guest says:

    If he hadn't stolen that money from her, she'd be married to a flooring salesman and living in Brick, NJ. Have a heart and give the guy $1000 for doing you the favor.

  12. guest says:

    OMG!!! When will you people learn? Move to Darien. As long as you are white, rich, and either play golf or sail we will protect you. Even if you once worked for Bear Stearns.

    Darien PD

  13. Sean says:

    Anyway you slice it, you're gicing us that dough.

    • Compliance says:

      Contemplating a plus 1 thumbs up for the puns but have asked legal to review the "gicing" for internal/external difficulty going forward…

  14. 608barcar says:

    Was it from Joe's at least?

  15. broseph says:

    If I wanted to threaten somebody "sending them tasty food" would not be the first item on my list….

  16. sme says:

    Brick New Jersey Resident = Career Proletariat

  17. Long un says:

    Known as Minicazzo to his friends

  18. C. Christie says:

    I would have come after twenty pizzas.

  19. judge smails says:

    It was really Mario Batali sending pizza from Tarry…

  20. Ahnold says:

    I don't care what you want on it, every pizza comes with pepperoni and 9 millimeter bullets on it. If you don't like it, I don't care, because you will receive one anyhow.

  21. Guest says:

    I ain't sayin nothin I ain't hear nothin.

    – D. Minicozzi

  22. mpickens says:

    could he afford to take delivery of the pies ?

  23. John says:

    I believe ex-Bear employees refer to mistresses as their "goomah"; or, phonetically, their "goomad".

  24. a.s says:

    harassment for stealing pizza, world has come to this, I guess

  25. Teri Buhl says:

    The New Canaan guy is a hedgie now who founded Sorin Capital

  26. Ahimpy minnahin says:

    Chimp City

  27. sohbet says:

    Likewise with Anglo-Irish lending to Sean Quinn et al.