Head Of Marketing For “High Profile Investment Company” Crosses “Attempt To Headbutt Airline Pilot Mid-Flight” Off Bucket List

Prior to December 19, 2012, Damian Kington had “never in his life tried to headbutt someone.” Then he boarded a flight out of JFK bound for London, washed a Xanax and a few Ambiens down with “four or five small bottles of wine,” and this happened:

In his statement to gardaí, captain and commander of the aircraft, Mike Jones said that Mr Kington was cursing and swearing in the galleyway after been given a written warning that he must remain in his seat and stop his unruly behaviour. Captain Jones told gardaí Mr Kington swore at him, pushed him and tried to headbutt him. The captain said it took two people to restrain the defendant. He said: “At this point I considered him a serious risk to passengers and to the safety of the flight.” Mr Kington was put in handcuffs and was secured to his seat with nylon straps. The captain said that the flight was one-and-a-half hours out from Shannon, Ireland when the disruption became serious.

Solicitor for Mr Kington, Una Moylan said that her client has no recollection of the incident on the flight whatsoever and was mortified and devastated when she read out the garda statements to him. She said: “He describes himself as a very gentle soul and told me that he had never in his life tried to headbutt someone before and this is completely out of character for him. He is mortified and genuinely remorseful.” […] She said that her client heads up a marketing team for a high profile investment company and any conviction would have serious ramifications for him.

Can we start over?

Flight diverted to Shannon due to unruly passenger [RTE]

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37 Responses to “Head Of Marketing For “High Profile Investment Company” Crosses “Attempt To Headbutt Airline Pilot Mid-Flight” Off Bucket List”

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  2. Guest says:

    "high profile investment company "?

    Atleast we know he's not one of ours


  3. Fellow Fetishist says:

    Tell me more about these nylon straps.

    – Jeff G.

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    -M. Sanchez

  5. Durr says:

    Who Mike Jones? Who Mike Jones? Who Mike Jones? Who Mike Jones?

  6. CDO-Guy says:

    Liquidnet?? WTF are they? not sure they qualify as "high profile investment company"

  7. No More Drinky says:

    Amateur… wit:


    A few years ago on a United Airlines flight from Buenos Aires to New York, Gerard B. Finneran, an investment banker, went totally bonkers. Newspaper accounts said that after becoming intoxicated, Finneran demanded more alcohol from the flight attendants. When they refused, he began helping himself to the liquor supply. After being cut off a second time, he became visibly angry. He pushed one flight attendant (federal offense No. 1), verbally threatened another (federal offense No. 2), interfered with a third who was assisting a sick passenger (federal offense No. 3), then walked up to the first-class cabin, dropped his pants and defecated on a service cart in plain view of the passengers and crew. Then he stepped in his own feces and tracked it through the main cabin (federal offense Nos. 4, 5 and possibly 6).

    Finneran was arrested upon landing in New York. He subsequently pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to two years probation. In addition, he was given 300 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine and was ordered to pay more than $50,000 in restitution to the airline and to reimburse fellow passengers for the price of their tickets.

  8. LiveStrong says:

    As a result of the tragic JFK-London flight circumstances in which one of our pilots was almost headbutted, we will no longer be featuring Gangs of New York as in-cabin entertainment due to the Bill The Butcher head-butting scene. Instead, we will be featuring Jules Jordan's Weapons of Ass Destruction as this appears to have a more soothing effect on other similar employees of the same firm who fly with us.

    – CEO, American Airlines

  9. Long Pen15 Club says:

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  10. Guest says:

    He's on to something. If his clients slurped up that type of cocktail on the desk, I bet he'd see more crossings.

  11. Guest says:

    Perhaps he works at place called Ram Capital, where head butting is the preferred way to settle disputes?

  12. Jugdish says:

    Liquidnet, the premier institutional investment community, today announced
    that Damian Kington has been named Head of Global Marketing at Liquidnet
    responsible for the development, oversight, and implementation of the global
    marketing plans for Liquidnet and its related businesses in North America,
    Europe and Asia. He will report directly to Alfred Eskandar, Head of U.S.

  13. Guest says:

    Phew this article has been uscathed by "cramer"

  14. DSK says:

    From linked in:

    Damian Kington
    Global Head of Marketing at Liquidnet
    New York, New York (Greater New York City Area) Financial Services