Layoffs Watch ’13: Morgan Stanley (Update)

Cuts are expected to go down in Asia. (Update: and elsewhere!)
From the front lines:

“Morgan Stanley will be making firmwide cuts in Asia next week. Not clear how deep the cuts will be but some groups may be slashed by as much as 20%. Unclear if the RIF will be global or limited to Asia.”

Update: According to Bloomberg, MS “plans to cut about 1,600 jobs from its investment bank in coming weeks,” with “about half” of the reductions occurring in the US.

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30 Responses to “Layoffs Watch ’13: Morgan Stanley (Update)”

  1. Financial Spamurai says:

    Ooh – a layoff post!

    Drivel snivel blah blah blah oggidy-boogidy, whoops! I just pissed myself.

  2. Guest says:

    Half of the US are Asian?
    -MS Cultural Quant Long Asian/Short Hispanic

  3. Gunthar says:

    How idiotic! They could have cut them before bonus season and save additional botload of money, as high as 10 mil.

    – UBS office of CFO quant.

  4. Hansel says:

    Is he still planning on assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

  5. Guest says:

    At this rate he is soon going to be firing Stanley.

  6. guest says:

    Following in UBS footsteps is a proven winner

  7. guest says:

    any adult here have something to post with more color on these layoffs?

  8. Mack says:

    is it normal to experience an erection when they talk about layoffs, or it's just me?

    – Mack the Knife

    • action jaxson says:

      Yes, it is normal. However, if you experience an erection lasting more than 4 hours…go find a woman.

  9. J.M. says:

    Problem with cutting Asians is that you are just hungry for more cuts later.

  10. Shanghai MS Employee says:

    Layoff began today in HK office, no impact on Shanghai office so far. Seems those who get higher pay are mmore likely to be laid off.

  11. Ty Webb says:

    In North America today, as well. Quite a few in the Private Bank.

  12. sohbet says:

    telling these little stories, here's a good idea: Have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the listener.

  13. sohbet says:

    officers to investigate Blackstone's fishy financial transactions, but they wound up giving them

  14. Jim Mora says:


  15. Guest says:

    What if you cut 75 million?

    – Chairman Mao