NYSE Now Intentionally Screwing Up to Emphasize Need for ICE Deal

The IntercontinentalExchange really, really wants the Liffe. Oh yea, and the New York Stock Exchange, too. Sure. But it’s really, really worried that those damned antitrust bureaucrats are going to screw them, as they are wont to do.

So they’re laying the charm on thick. Perhaps, however, we might be so bold as to suggest a new tack:

We can’t possibly do as bad a job as the guys who currently run these things.

Server problems briefly interrupted the New York Stock Exchange’s delivery of trading data on hundreds of securities Tuesday, following similar problems a day earlier.

The issues began just after 1 p.m. EST and were resolved in less than an hour, according to NYSE notices to customers. A spokesman for NYSE Euronext, which operates the Big Board, said none of its customers’ orders to buy or sell securities were affected….

Tuesday’s outage disrupted the reporting of trades and quotes on 324 NYSE securities with the symbols in the range A through AEZ, AF through AMZ and SC through SUZ, the NYSE spokesman said. A similar issue at NYSE’s sister exchange, NYSE MKT, affected 241 symbols in the range from AF through LMZ….

On Monday, server issues briefly snarled the NYSE’s ability to send stock trade and quote data on 93 symbols from DS through EMZ. Later in the day, similar problems affected 118 securities.

Server Problems Snarl NYSE Market Data [WSJ]
ICE Lobbies for NYSE Deal [WSJ]

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9 Responses to “NYSE Now Intentionally Screwing Up to Emphasize Need for ICE Deal”

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