Tim Geithner Will Not Replace The Beard

You won’t have Tim Geithner to kick around any more. The little guy and now-former U.S. Treasury Secretary won’t be pursuing a D.C. sequel.

Geithner firmly ruled out ever serving as chairman of the Federal Reserve, something that has been mentioned by people close to the outgoing secretary as a possibility down the road.

“Not a chance,” he said. “I have great respect for the institution, but that will be someone else’s privilege.”

Geithner is returning to New York to be with his family and said he has no immediate plans beyond relaxing and traveling with his wife.

Tim was so eager to end his four years in Washington that he didn’t even wait for his successor to be confirmed. Which means that while Jack Lew is up on the Hill kissing ass, Neal Wolin’s in charge at 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, for now.

Mr. Wolin had planned to leave Treasury but agreed to stay on until the White House’s new nominee to lead Treasury, Jacob Lew, wins Senate confirmation. It’s likely to take at least a few weeks for the Senate to hold a confirmation vote.

That leaves Mr. Wolin running the 100,000-plus person department, which has been in the thick of debt ceiling crisis, tax and budget negotiations, and international affairs.

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24 Responses to “Tim Geithner Will Not Replace The Beard”

  1. Guest says:

    Why the fuck does the Treasury Department need 100,000 employees?

  2. Nappy Amazon says:

    In all honesty we knew he could never replace Demi Moore's 1980's bush.

  3. Everyone says:

    Friendly suggestion for Shazar – start with the tags…if they suck your "article" probably will too.

  4. agrajag888 says:

    speaking of welcomed change in washington… why doesn't congress have term limits? I know why they don't want term limits and also why as citizens we should demand them!

    sign this petition and get others to do the same!

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  10. sohbet says:

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  11. asdthen, and the impact that had and who he has come to be because of it. He is a wounded man, and while I find him odious, I am not unmoved by the sadness and pain of his past that his comments today imply.

  12. sohbet says:

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  16. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I'll personally pitch in to:
    A. Fix the site

  17. B. Fire Jon Shazar (That's right Shazar, I will actually pay out of pocket to make you go away. That is how worthless I think you are)

  18. Carl – we could use someone with your tact at the Department of Defense – any interest?


    Chuck Hagel

  19. I think a Walking Dead style fight with UBS traders chained to wooden posts and Ackman and Icahn fighting topless.

  20. Fun as it was to watch, we really learned nothing from that showdown. On the left is a relatively forthright empty suit, on the right is a smart scumbag. But we already knew that yesterday.

  21. A Dealbreaker food challenge? Involving Herbalife shakes? Imagine two furious billionaire nutters quaffing lo-cal, high protein, chalky tasting muck rapid fire whilst locked eye-to-eye, maybe even with wrists tied a-la Escape From New York (or was that a Michael Jackson video? These kinda things blur).

    First one to shart his pants or puke loses.

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  23. klimaservisi says:

    Be extremely loud. This triggers a pain receptor in the brain and therefor you could actually force your opponent to feel pain just by yelling at them. (Icahn wins)

    Using big words, that have a good meaning behind them, also work. Your opponent will not know what the words mean, therefore they become speech less. (This is Ackman's ONLY shot at this stage)