Whose Falcons Are These?

[via Mark Frauenfelder]
We’ve narrowed it down to people who own or have access to a private jet and have been known to appreciate the birds of prey. So it could be Prince Alwaleed, and we want it to be because Team Citi could use a pick-me-up in the form of an impromptu falcon petting zoo day at HQ, but it could also be someone else.  Help us out here.

(hidden for your protection)
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21 Responses to “Whose Falcons Are These?”

  1. guest says:

    Likely the person who took this photo and released it is no longer with us, and has definitely not been rewarded with 600 virgins. More probable that the photographer was hung by his thumbs in a shower with Jerry, and then eaten by a lion.

  2. Captain Pixel MD says:

    Photoshop. Those head things look totally fake.

  3. Deleveraging says:

    I have no idea who it is. But if I owned my own Boeing 777, I sure as hell would not be sitting on the floor

  4. Doesntsaythat says:

    I love Team Clit!

  5. guest says:

    Who is Hank Paulson for $500

  6. Flying Falcon says:

    Think the more appropriate question is whose arabs are these ?

  7. WordsofPrey says:

    On a trip to the ME, I'd flown in first, where on the seat bank next to me sat an arab, with another (fully paid) first-class seat for his falcon. His wife,kids, and entourage were back in cattle-class.

  8. sme says:

    talk about getting stuck with the middle seat! wah-wah…..

    • Deleveraging says:

      No this belongs to some prince, but not Alwaleed. This equipment is 2nd hand and was repurposed as a private jet with minimal upgrades. On close examination you will see the plane is still tricked out with commercial overhead bins. Your forgiven for the over site; obviously your still flying commercial.

      • Nay T says:

        Good observation…I too feel for the pleebs flying commercial.
        However, I would believe that it is a royal ME party that has access to the local governments air fleet and this aircraft is sometimes used for scheduled flights and sometimes is used for a higher calling.

      • broseph says:

        The service on my last flight out of Dubai was absolutely fowl.

      • MadLibs says:

        "Your ________ forgiven for the over site; obviously your __________ still flying commercial."

      • Guest says:

        What we learned from Deleveraging's usage: "obviously your still flying commercial."

        "Still." As in, he once did, too. Poor fucker.

  9. DB IT Hamster says:

    This picture gave me nightmares.

  10. guest says:

    Those birds know how to fly

  11. Matthew Lesko says:

    Al-Qaeda's latest response to US drone technology

  12. Mohammed L. Jackson says:

    I have had it with these motherfucking falcons on this this motherfucking plane.

  13. spiderbro says:

    A buddy of mine was on the same plane as Paulson leaving O'Hare last week. They were both in coach.

  14. mpickens says:

    they playing Spades ?