Write-Offs: 01.09.13

$$$ S.E.C. Enforcement Chief Khuzami Steps Down [DealBook]

$$$ Dimon Says JPMorgan Executives ‘Acted Like Children’ on Loss [Bloomberg]

$$$ S.E.C. Opens Investigation Into Herbalife [DealBook]

$$$ Here you can watch an inspirational video about Herbalife called “Our Herbalife” [YouTube]

$$$ “It doesn’t travel as a coin. It stays in a container. And the container itself is small enough to carry, but certainly not small enough to put in your pocket. That’s kind of how we protect it. So once you put it in the container, it kind of moves in the container. And probably we’d keep it in a container even at Fort Knox. I remember when I was in the military, the keys in the orderly room were on a long stick, like a broomstick. And I said to the sergeant, how come you do that, and he said, “So nobody can put it in their pocket.” That’s kind of how you do security [for a trillion-dollar coin] also.” [DI]

$$$ RBC is looking for an analyst for its Derivatives Solutions Group in New York [DBCC]

$$$ Soros Hong Kong portfolio manager Jixin Dai departs, plots standalone fund [AR]

$$$ SEC Claims KPMG Auditors Failed to Scrutinize Nebraska Bank [Bloomberg]

$$$ “For people like me, on the other hand, the economy is a social system, created by and for people. Money is a social contrivance and convenience that makes this social system work better — and should be adjusted, both in quantity and in characteristics, whenever there is compelling evidence that this would lead to better outcomes.” [Paul Krugman]

$$$ Apparently people read Business Insider in bed [BI]

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