Write-Offs: 01.17.13

$$$ Fewer Join Top Ranks at Morgan Stanley

$$$ Herbalife expects earnings above analysts’ estimates, to restart buyback [Reuters]

$$$ “We’ve got to get to a point where we stop destroying our shareholders’ capital,” said Corbat, who replaced Vikram Pandit after the former CEO was ousted last year. “I’d say that would certainly be at the top of our list. That we run a smart and efficient business that’s good at its allocation of its resources around its customer and client segments.” [Bloomberg]

$$$ Some penguins came to Blackstone’s offices, pooped [DealBook]

$$$ Wrangler Introducing First-Ever Line of Moisturizing Jeans [ABC]

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$$$ American Airlines Repaints Its Planes, to Much Carping [BBW]

$$$ Goldman’s smart move on pay [Reuters]

$$$ Few Possibilities for Prosecution at JPMorgan [DealBook]

$$$ Cayman Islands to open up to scrutiny [FT]

$$$ Feds: Priest charged with selling meth [Stamford Advocate]