Write-Offs: 01.28.13

$$$ Hedge fund scorecard 2012: Mortgage masters win, Paulson on bottom again [Reuters]

$$$ Watchdog Says U.S. Treasury Failed to Curb AIG, GM Pay [Bloomberg]

$$$ Buffett Said to Have Expressed Interest in Buying NYSE Euronext [DealBook]

$$$ Yahoo Profit Drops but Revenue Rises [CNBC]

$$$ Henry Blodget got on a plane and the plane went way up in the sky and it was good to be on the plane but then there was pee-pee on the plane and the pee-pee wasn’t good [BI, but mostly Twitter]

$$$ A global financial firm is looking for a quant in New York [DBCC]

$$$ Jana Chides Agrium Over CEO Comments [Deal Journal]

$$$ FTC Action Leads Court to Halt Alleged Pyramid Scheme [FTC]

$$$ People don’t want to kill robots [NPR]

$$$ Here is an amazing picture of the Queen of the Netherlands, who quit today [Qz]

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