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Barclays Tells Hedge Funds It Can’t Be Seen With Them

Barclays’ PR-driven makeover continues, even at the expense of being a full-service investment bank.

First, the ever-popular tax-avoidance tax-structuring business gets the chop. Now, the bank is telling hedge funds—easy targets in Europe, it must be said—to get lost, in the name of helping poor people eat. Hey, look, a bit of candor:

Chief Executive Antony Jenkins told a news conference on Tuesday the bank was exiting speculative trading in softs and agriculture due to “reputational reasons”, but was sticking with the overall commodities sector.

Barclays halts agriculture trading with hedge funds [Reuters]

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10 Responses to “Barclays Tells Hedge Funds It Can’t Be Seen With Them”

  1. Shazar's Dog says:

    I can't be seen with Shazar

  2. guest says:

    So they're giving up potentially making money trading a certain product b/c some hippie thinks it will drive up the price of his Capri Sun? Got it. They should just tell critics to rent a french car with a faulty accelerator.

    -Trader who would rather have a reputation has someone who makes money than someone who is held in high esteem by someone he holds in low esteem (a member of congress).

  3. REO Chuckwagon says:

    Where did all the funny comments go?

  4. An American says:

    When did the British turn into a bunch of pussies? Discuss.

  5. Let's face it says:

    Barclays sucks