Former Deutsche Bank Exec And LAPD Not Yet Seeing Eye To Eye On “Savage Beating” Incident

According to the police, they found Brian Mulligan high on bath salts after “several” calls had been placed about a man in the area “trying to break into cars” that fit Mulligan’s description. He supposedly told them he was “tired,” which they say is why they drove him to a motel to get some shuteye. When he (allegedly) emerged hours later and started running through traffic despite officers’ orders to get out of the street, later assuming a “fight stance,” they decided it was necessary to deal with him in an aggressive manner. Didn’t want to, felt they owed it to him. According to Mulligan, it was more like this:

The former banker contended in a lawsuit that contrary to reports that he tried to assault the officers, the men tried to extort about $3,000 from him on the night of May 15. They later severely beat him, leaving injuries that required extensive facial surgery, according to the complaint…In the lawsuit, he contends that he had stopped by a pharmacy to buy THC pills as sleeping aids. Officers Nichols and Miller stopped him, made him take a sobriety test and searched him. After finding $3,000 in cash — an amount Mr. Mulligan said was necessary for business travel — in the banker’s car, the officers handcuffed him and took him to a nearby motel. They warned him not to leave, lest he end up dead, according to the complaint. Mr. Mulligan said he then fled the motel, fearing for his life, but ran into the officers, who hit him in the head and broke his shoulder blade, according to the complaint. At one point, Officer Nichols told Mr. Mulligan, “You’re going to die tonight of a heroin overdose,” the complaint contends.

Former Top Media Banker Sues Los Angeles and 2 Police Officers [Dealbook]

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37 Responses to “Former Deutsche Bank Exec And LAPD Not Yet Seeing Eye To Eye On “Savage Beating” Incident”

  1. Guest says:

    If you were put in a motel room and told that if you left you would be killed, and if you were suitably fearful for your life, wouldn't the safest decision be to stay put?

    – Guy who has never taken THC and admittedly doesn't know how that would impact the decision-making process

  2. el invitado says:

    Credit Suisse has a branch in Florida? This sounds like a Florida story.

  3. Elliot Spitzer says:

    I also find it necessary to carry $3,000 in cash for "business" travel.

  4. Nervous Jew says:

    German bankers ….. savage beatings….eye to eyes……increasing nervousness.

  5. Im_a_Dude says:

    I guess for LAPD it's normal procedure to take someone to a motel for some shuteye. You think for guy with 3K is in pocket, they could have taken him to say a courtyard marriott.

  6. Paul Harvey says:

    Strange – I believe both sides of the story.

  7. PermaGuestII says:

    If he was running around in traffic, checking into a motel, etc., etc., weren't there some other witnesses to this nonsense in addition to the three people involved?

    -guy who thinks it should be perfectly legal anyway to clock smirking media I-bankers in the face with shovels

  8. Guest says:

    Where the fk in the LAPD's procedure manual is the part about taking suspects to randomly selected local hotels??

    Cops are going to lose this one.

  9. Turtle says:

    I bet a celebrity was involved but not mentioned (see comments about being the curiosity of LAPD taking him to a motel) with story of the "former top media banker" . An episode of "Entourage" could be made about that.

  10. disgruntled in LA says:

    dont get mad.. get even

    -Chris Dorner

  11. aaa says:

    I don't find either side of the story at all implausible — he probably was on drugs and the cops probably did savagely beat him and try to exort money. Happens every fucking day

  12. Tentatively excited says:

    Since when did pharmacies start carrying THC pills?

  13. I'll take a mulligan says:

    All my legitimate deals close between 2 and 3 am…and must have at least $5000 cash to cover incidentals.

  14. laurenspitzberghumorousillustrationofthezeitgeist says:

    If LAPD Detectives can terrorize Holocaust survivor,Henya Spitzberg, and get away with it… But this guy was rich. Big mistake, Had they known his wealth, they would not go near him. LAPD detectives such as John Gregozek, Jeffrey Dunn, and the rest of the LAPD's sham stalking unit only pick on those they think are too poor to put up a fight. They are kind of right. So much you can do without a lot of money when faced with such corruption.