Layoffs Watch ’13: JPMorgan

Cuts are said to have gone down at the House o’ Dimon this morning, apparently affecting a handful of equities employees.

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8 Responses to “Layoffs Watch ’13: JPMorgan”

  1. Chad N. Froid says:

    Didn't they start the layoffs with some risk management folk in 2012?

  2. Rubber Ducky VP says:

    Are the bath toys safe?

  3. Whales Unlimited says:

    Just the minnows, I hope.

  4. Excel says:

    When is the Layoff Watch for SI, specifically the department that decides who is cover material?

  5. She didn't fuck says:

    I guess this was payback for not giving it up .

  6. Sal says:

    Bess, would you like to go out for a meal of food sometime?