Pershing Square: Herbalife Silenced Us

Earlier today it was noted that, to the surprise of many, Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn had refrained from asking questions or dialing in and making sudden outbursts during this morning’s conference call to discuss Herbalife’s fourth quarter earnings.  Obviously this came as a shock on account of Ackman and Icahn taking many opportunities in the past to share their feelings re: the company and each other. And while it’s true both men personally held their tongue’s today, according to Pershing Square, one of its analysts had planned to ask questions on Bill’s and the hedge fund’s behalf but was shot down.

Pershing was not allowed to ask a question on the call, said Pershing founder William Ackman, whose December disclosure that his firm had taken a massive short position against Herbalife thrust the nutritional supplement maker into the spotlight recently. Mr. Ackman said that Shane Dinneen, the Pershing analyst who spent a year looking into Herbalife, tried several times to ask a question but was not allowed to. “Our question for Herbalife is: Why have you not answered any of the questions that we submitted?,” Mr. Ackman wrote in an email Wednesday. “[Herbalife President] Des Walsh on national television committed to answer questions that we asked in the interest of transparency…Wouldn’t answering our questions help eliminate any confusion that you believe is in the marketplace?”

[WSJ, earlier]

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6 Responses to “Pershing Square: Herbalife Silenced Us”

  1. Guest says:

    I never pick up calls from my girlfriend when I know I'm going to get yelled at either.

  2. Guest says:

    How come Bill hasn't answered any of my questions?
    – Gotham Investor

  3. guest says:

    The only positive outcome from this will be a $100 a share cash offer that wipes out ackman and his shaky reputation as the biggest "book talker" ever, followed by a massive fatal heart attack for icahn so we can get these two out of the public eye for good. Until ackman's come back on the real hedgies of fairfield county is cast.

  4. Pop quiz says:

    Ackman's investors are running for the hills after this display of chutzpah. Any math guys out there – how big does the short get after the stock rallies 50% and 50% of the investors redeem?