The Ballad of Roomy Khan

Life is terribly unfair. You help bring down Raj Rajaratnam and get yelled at by a defense lawyer during another insider-trading trial, but you tell a few white lies, destroy some evidence, warn some of your friends—including the only fugitive in the whole insider-trading crackdown—that the Feds are on to them and perjure yourself a little, and you don’t get to get away with your second insider-trading conviction.

Such is the tough lesson learned by the useful if unreliable Roomy Khan yesterday, who was sent to the pokey for a year yesterday. While she’s agreed not to appeal, she and her lawyer really think she’s suffered enough.

“I understand the judge’s reasoning and logic,” Mr. German said. “But considering the individuals who went to trial got two years, I think one year for Ms. Khan is a lot.”

“I’ve lost all my money, and my education is rendered useless,” Ms. Khan said. “I have been ostracized by most of my family and friends, and I lead my life as a pariah in isolation.”

Meanwhile, another cooperating witness—albeit one who didn’t lie quite so much—got off with probation and time served yesterday, which must make Khan’s sentence doubly upsetting.

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